Labour Market

In recent years the strong growth in business is reduced. However the need to attract highly qualified employees still exists.

The post war baby boomers will retire in the coming years. So far the quantitative side.

In quality, there is a need for training of personnel in the following areas:

  • gas turbine technology
  • operating systems
  • materials and coatings
  • human factors
  • technical English

In order to match the knowledge of the students to the needs of the gas turbine industry SGO and DGTA work closely together to enable Education Institutes to develop gas turbine related education and research in all different levels. 

All-round gas turbine mechanic MBO
In 2011 a new class for all-round gas turbine mechanic (level 3) started at ROC van Amsterdam. The class is supported by KLM and EPCOR. 

At ROC Tilburg all round gas turbine mechanic is integrated into the general maintenance education.

Higher Education (HBO)
SGO, Inholland, Hogeschool Zeeland, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and de Haagse Hogeschool have developed the HBO ‘Minor Gas Turbines’

Furthermore Hogeschool Inholland is developing an Associated Degree with a wider scope than Gas turbine technology. 

Gas Turbine Technology (WO)
Delft Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)

Contribution to the professorate in gas turbine technology of professor Sikke Klein.

Delft Technical University Faculty for Aerospace Engineering (L&R)
Contribution to the section power & propulsion for teacher and researcher Dr. Wilfried Visser in the field of applied gas turbine technology and simulation.

Internship and staff
DGTA members have the opportunity to offer internships on the DGTA website. Arrangements have been made with the MBO and HBO schools to have them inform their students about these internships. 

With regard to vacancies in the member companies: they can be placed on the website. Open applications will be passed on immediately to the relevant companies.

DGTA and also member companies provide lectures at schools in order to increase the interest in gas turbine technology.

DGTA members have the advantage to follow all these courses free of charge.